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I am outraged to hear that the University of Auckland intends to close the Fine Arts Library! This library is an incredible resource, and by closing it the University will be undermining the needs of the Elam student body, and those of the wider Auckland community.


5 thoughts on “Have Your Say!

  1. Really no thought has been given towards this decision. libraries are Art are an important part of society it helps people communicatevand express them selves .. on all levels and of all ages ..
    oviously .. some people are thinking ahead into the future .. Just wait until 10 years time when they stop to ask some one how they feel .. and they get a blank look and no answer.. that’s the possible outcome .. are people part of this process or just robots..!!

  2. This a form of self harm . If pointed out to the power that they are damaging the resource perceptions of their product by a future student body , then they will drop

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